BirdSTATs v 2.1
Updated version of the BirdSTATs (including TRIM 3.54) which was released in March 2016 can be downloaded here (3.2 MB).

Generally about BirdSTATs:
The Species Trends Analysis Tool for birds (BirdSTATs) is an open source Microsoft Access database for the preparation and statistical analysis of bird counts data in a standardised way. The BirdSTATs tool is programmed to use and automatically run the program TRIM (TRends and Indices for Monitoring data) in batch mode to perform the statistical analysis for series of bird counts in the dataset. In this way it is suitable for use in all European countries participating in the Pan European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS). Using the BirdSTATs tool results in standardised indices that are used as subsets by the PECBMS for the calculation of overarching European wild bird indicators.

The BirdSTATs tool is developed at the request of the Pan European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) by Bioland Informatie. Designing and programming of the tool is funded by the European Commission through British Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB).

The fact that this tool is an open source database allows users to adapt or expand the tool to their own demands. The tool is also usable for other species groups.

Characteristics of the tool:

  • It eases the use of TRIM;
  • It is capable of importing different kinds of counts data;
  • It enables analyses of subsets of count sites and counts (stratification) and stores options and settings for analyses of all species-stratum combinations for future use;
  • It eases the use of a covariate and weighing procedures in TRIM;
  • It produces standardised TRIM input and TRIM command files and runs TRIM in batch mode for all or a selection of species and count site subsets (strata);
  • It collects the main results of the batched TRIM output in a convenient and standardised format to fit the requirements of PECBMS.

What is new in the updated version 2.1 (2015/2016):
(1) Besides the programme Manual, Frequently Asked Questions on the BirdSTATs are added which provide useful advices for the work with the programme.

(2) The following changes in new version of BirdSTATs were created:

  • BirdSTATs is adjusted to work in the 64 bit version of Office/Access 2013 in Windows 10, while still working on Windows7 machines (32 or 64 bits) with 32 bit versions of Office/Access 2003 and upward.
  • Both an accdb and an mdb version were made available. These are exactly the same except for their extension. The accdb version however is the only one that can import data from another accdb. So users wanting to work with data from another accdb have to use the accdb version.
  • The tables with country-codes and species are updated. The list of species in the species table was extended significantly, especially with subspecies. However no additional English names were added.
  • A possibility to import csv-files is introduced in order to improve interchange with R and other programming tools & database programs.
  • The form for copying stratum definitions to other species is improved.
  • The form for choosing which species to calculate is improved.
  • The form for transforming/transposing data (available in settings) is improved.
  • The two .stu files are no longer provided. These were necessary to be able to work with older versions of TRIM.