Name of scheme: Monitoring čestih vrsta ptica poljoprivrednih staništa u Hrvatskoj (Common Farmland Bird Monitoring in Croatia)
Organization: Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature (former State Institute for Nature Protection) and Ministry of Agriculture
Status: ongoing scheme
Start: 2015 (2014 – pilot)
Number of fieldworkers: 30
Species: 30
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: Point-count transects
Selection of plots: Semi-random
Sustainable support: yes

Contact: Vlatka Dumbović Mazal, Department for wild and domesticated taxa and habitats, Head of the Vertebrates Section, Croatian Agency for Environment and Nature (Hrvatska agencija za okoliš i prirodu), Radnicka 80/7, 10 000 Zagreb, Croatia, e-mail: e-mail:

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country: Used as an official indicator of national Rural Development Programme.