Name of scheme: Countryside Bird Survey (CBS)
Organisation: BirdWatch Ireland, and the National Parks and Wildlife Service
Status: ongoing
Start: 1998
Number of fieldworkers: 300
Species: 55
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: line transect
Selection of plots: stratified random
Sustainable support: yes
Reference: Crowe, O., Coombes, R.H., Lysaght, L., O´Brien, C., Choudhury, K.R., Walsh, A.J. , Wilson, J.H. and O´Halloran, J. (2010): Population trends of widespread breeding birds in the Republic of Ireland 1998-2008. Bird Study 57 (3): 267 – 280.
Coombes, R.H., Crowe, O., Lauder, A., Lysaght, L., O´Brien, C., O´Halloran, J., O´Sullivan, O., Tierney, T.D., Walsh, A.J. and Wilson, H.J. (2009): Countryside Bird Survey Report 1998-2007. BirdWatch Ireland, Wicklow.
National indicators: Farmland Bird Index

Contact: Lesley Lewis & Dick Coombes, Unit 20, Block D, Bullford Business Campus, Kilcoole, Greystones, Co. Wicklow, A63 RW83, Ireland, e-mail: ljlewis (at), rcoombes (at)

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country: no