Name of scheme: Monitoring of dispersed bird species in Slovakia (Monitoring of breeding bird populations in Slovakia)
Organisation: Slovak ornithological society/BirdLife Slovakia
Status: ongoing
Start: 1994
Number of fieldworkers: 46
Species: 100-150
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: point counts
Selection of plots: free choice
Sustainable support: no
Reference: Slabeyová, K., Ridzoň, J., & Kropil, R. (2009): Trendy početnosti bežných druhov vtákov na Slovensku v rokoch 2005-2009. Tichodroma 21: 1-13. (abstract in English)

Contact: Jozef Ridzoň, SOS/BirdLife Slovensko, Zelinárska 4, 821 08 Bratislava, e-mail: ridzon (at)

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country: no