Question 4.6

Is the classification of species to be included in the (farmland) bird indicator similar across countries?


Yes, it is. PECBMS uses one and the same European species classification to produce indicators for Europe, EU, and European regions. Furthermore, PECBMS provides Eurostat with national versions of the Farmland Bird Indicator as parts of EU´s Structural Indicators and Indicators of Sustainable Development. These national farmland bird indicators also are based on this PECBMS European species classification. Since some bird species are missing in some countries, some of these national farmland bird indicators are based on a sub-set of species from the pool of European farmland birds. See also the next question.

Apart from indicators produced by PECBMS, countries produce their own national indicators for their national purposes, e.g. driven by national legislation and policy. These nationally produced indicators are not centrally coordinated and may deviate with respect to species selection, computation procedure etc.

Learn more about PECBMS species habitat classification in Methods, chapter 3, Box Species selection and classification or about national monitoring schemes in Europe in country reports or about European indicators on the Eurostat website.