What is Bird Census News?

Bird Census News is the Journal of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) which is the new name of the in 1992 merged International Bird Census Committee (IBCC) and European Ornithological Atlas Committee (EOAC).
Bird Census News was first published in 1987. It gradually evolved from a typewritten photocopied leaflet to the present form. Rob Bijlsma (The Netherlands) has been editor from 1987-1992, Anny Anselin (Belgium) has been editor for uncredible 25 years since 1993 to 2019. Since 2019 BCN has a new editor in chief – Aleksi Lehikoinen (Finland).

The publication of the Journal has been possible by the financial support of SOVON, Beek-Ubbergen (1987-1992) and the Research Institute for Nature and Forest, Brussels (1993-today).

Bird Census News reports on the developments in census and atlas work in Europe, from the local to the continental scale, and provides a forum for discussion of methodological issues. A special section is dedicated to book reviews and these topics. And of course, you find in Bird Census News all information on the EBCC and its ongoing projects. The Journal is published two times a year: once in spring and once in autumn with about 40 pages per issue.

Bird Census News will surely interest you! It is meant as a forum for everybody involved in bird census, monitoring and atlas studies, from Iceland to Turkey and from Portugal to Russia and further.
We invite you to use it for publishing news on your activities within this field.

Editor: Aleksi Lehikoinen
Finnish Museum of Natural History
P. Rautatiekatu 13 (P. O. Box 17)
FI-00014 Helsinki
Mobile: +358-45-1375732
E-mail: aleksi.lehikoinen@helsinki.fi

How to obtain Bird Census News
A free sample copy can be obtained by downloading the most recent volumes available in pdf-format.

From volume 25 on (2012) the Journal is digital-only and can be obtained for free by downloading the pdf file.

Submitting material for Bird Census News
Get an idea of different topics by looking at the contents list.

– you have (preliminary) results of your regional or national atlas,
– you have information on a monitoring campaign,
– you have made a species-specific inventory,
– you are a delegate and have some news on activities in your country,
– you are planning an inventory and want people to know this,
– you read a good (new) atlas or an article or report on census and you want to review it,
Do not hesitate to let us know this!

Instructions for Authors are available to download here.