Birdwatching tour in Armenia could contribute to the New European Breeding Bird Atlas

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Getting data for the New European Breeding Bird Atlas (EBBA2) in eastern parts of Europe poses a challenge. Particularly the low number of local birdwatchers makes it more difficult than in countries with hundreds or thousands skilled and enthusiastic birdwatchers. Therefore, the Atlas Steering Committee in cooperation with national atlas coordinators explores other possibilities. They include use of information collected by foreign birdwatchers taking part in specific birding tours.

Here we present an offer to participate in one of such tours in Armenia already in June this year (if a minimum of two persons participate). The tour is organized by American University of Armenia – Acopian Center for the Environment, see the file attached for details . As we are in a phase of testing this approach, we will appreciate any feedback from those who take part in the tour. We will be interested in any experience, positive or negative, and any comments. However, data should be provided directly to the national atlas coordinator. For details of the tour please contact Dr. Karen Aghababyan (Contacts: 40 Baghramian Ave. 0019 Yerevan, Armenia; e-mail:
Feedback from the tour should be sent to the European coordination of EBBA2: Petr Vorisek,

Petr Voříšek