EBCC conference Bird Numbers 2016 Birds in a changing world

The 20thEBCC conference Bird Numbers 2016 ´Birds in a changing world´ was held from 5 to 9 September 2016 in Halle (Salle)

The conference website www.birdnumbers2016.de where you find all info.

The scientific programme consisted of plenaries, talks, speed talks, posters and workshops. The main topics of the conference reflected the core business of the EBCC:

  • Atlases and studies of avian distribution
  • Biodiversity indicators
  • Surveys and monitoring of breeding birds
  • Surveys and monitoring of waterbirds
  • Terrestrial winter bird monitoring
  • Methodologies and technologies

The ultimate goal of most organisations in the EBCC network is to understand what drives changes in bird populations and what conservation actions should be undertaken to help declining populations. We also invited talks on:

  • Causes of change in bird populations and societal responses
  • Land use change impacts, on farmland, in woodland and in other habitats
  • Climate change impacts
  • Renewable energy developments and their effects on birds
  • Changes in wintering areas: long-distance migrants and migratory connectivity
  • Evaluating the effects of conservation action and policy such as effectiveness of agri-environment schemes and the Role of protected areas

Download the Proceedings of the conference in Heft 1 in pdf (in English, 38,1 MB) and Heft 2 in pdf (in English, 26,4 MB) published in Die Vogelwelt 2017/137 – 1, 2.

Kai Geodeon, on behalf of the National Organising Committee