Elections during the AGM in Évora

Dear EBCC Delegate!

The Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) will be held in Évora, Portugal at 14:00, on April 10, 2019, during the EBCC conference. You are all invited and encouraged to participate at this AGM and be actively involved in decision making at EBCC.

Several EBCC board members will step down this year: Ruud Foppen, David Noble, Anny Anselin, Oskars Keiss, and Lluis Brotons. The board is in contact with several candidates to fill the vacancies but any delegate may make proposals. Please note that according to the statutes the following procedures have to be followed: “Any Delegate as well as any Board member may make nominations for election to the Board. Such nominations must be made in writing, and must be in the hands of the secretary of the Board at least fourteen days before the next ordinary General Meeting. Each nomination must be proposed and seconded by two delegates and be accompanied by a signed statement of willingness to stand for election by the nominated person.” Please send your nominations to the current chair, Ruud Foppen (ruud.foppen@sovon.nl) and EBCC delegate Officer Oskars Keiss (oskars.keiss@lu.lv).
The deadline for receiving signed proposals (as described above), is March 26 (14 days before April 10).

During this AGM we will have the elections of any new National Delegates. The EBCC Board knows that some National Delegates are planning to step down and that some new candidates might need to be elected in this AGM.

It is important to hear from EVERY National Delegate whether she/he is willing to continue as the National Delegate so please answer this letter concerning your future involvement!

As you are aware, National Delegates are important contact points for monitoring and atlas work in their country and are expected to engage with EBCC through its conferences, its website or by e-mail, to provide updates on national activities from time to time, and to know something about its main projects (the Pan European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme, the 2nd European Breeding Bird Atlas and the Euro Bird Portal).

If you no longer wish to be formally involved as a National Delegate, according to the Constitution of EBCC Association one or both of the existing Delegates should nominate a replacement for your country for election in Évora’s AGM in April.

The EBCC Delegate Officer can provide you with a simple form for submitting nominations. All proposed new Delegates will be reviewed by the EBCC Board and considered for election at the AGM in Évora. According to EBCC Constitution Article 4.2, “One can only apply for membership on the recommendation of an existing Delegate. New Delegates should be proposed in writing by the existing Delegate within a country, but in making such recommendations to the Board”).

Your response (and, in the case of nominating an alternative Delegate – the new nomination) should reach the EBCC Delegate Officer Oskars Keišs (oskars.keiss@lu.lv) by March 31, 2019.

More information about the upcoming EBCC conference might be found here.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Oskars Keišs
EBCC Delegate Officer