Status of common bird monitoring and atlas work in Greece


Present schemes

Hellenic Common Breeding Bird Monitoring Scheme (HCBBMS)
The Hellenic Common Bird Monitoring Scheme is based on the Pan-European Common Bird Census and has been running since 2007 for breeding birds in farmland areas. 15 point counts are performed within a 2 x 2 km square chosen randomly from a 10 x 10 km square selected freely by the observers.

Previous schemes


Recent publications


Contact person

Danae Portolou, Themistokleous str 80, Athens 10681, Greece, e-mail:

Home page

HOS website:


Atlas work

Not any for the whole country

Ongoing atlas

Atlas of Breeding Birds in Crete. The census period started in 2001 and it is continuing.

Contact person

Mixalis Dretakis, Natural History Museum, University of Crete, Herakleion, Crete

Previous atlases


Other Current National Surveys

1) Annual Midwinter Waterfowl Count

2) National White Stork Census (in collaboration with the Hellenic Ringing Scheme)

3) National Heronidae Census

4) Annual Raptor Migration Count on the Island of Antikythera, SW Greece (from Antikythera Ornithological Station, run by the HOS)

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