Draft agenda 22nd EBCC Ex Co Meeting in Brussels, 2.00 pm, Friday 12 October 2001 Meeting Room, 1st Floor, Institute of Nature Conservation, Kliniekstraat 25, 1070 Brussels.

David Gibbons, Richard Gregory (minutes) Anny Ansellin, Alexander Mischenko, Tibor Szep, Martin Flade, Loranzo Fornasari, David Noble (Observer BTO), Przemek Chylarecki & Gerard Boere (ExCo Advisor)

Apologies received from:
Ward Hagemeijer, Juha Tiainen, Des Callaghan (Observer BirdLife International), Ruud Foppen

  1. Chairman's welcome
  2. Minutes of last meeting of ExCo
    Royalties from the European Atlas
    Action: Ward and David Noble to discuss with SOVON and BTO
    Monies owing to EBCC
    Action: David, Ward, and Richard by BirdLife, by ETC/NC and Pam Berry
    Monies owned by EBCC
    Action: Martin would clarify the situation with DDA
    Publishing Atlas Information on the web
    Action: Des Callaghan to discuss with Martin Sneary
    Position of Treasurer
    Action: David to talk to Juha
    Feedback to EOU
    Action: David to go back to Jacques Blondel - see attached email correspondence
  3. Hungarian Conference 2001
    Report on Conference Proceedings and any other issues
  4. Turkey Conference 2004 - see attached email correspondence
  5. Foundation Status - paper attached
  6. Delegate List
  7. Web site - see attached email correspondence
  8. Financial Report
  9. Bird Census News
  10. Parnu Conference Proceedings
  11. European Common Bird Monitoring - verbal update
  12. Recent data requests
  13. Any other business
  14. 2004-07-31

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