23nd EBCC ExCo Meeting in Brodowin

Draft agenda 23nd EBCC Ex Co Meeting in Brodowin, NE of Berlin, Germany, Friday 12-Saturday 13 April 2002.

ExCo & observers: David Gibbons, Richard Gregory (minutes) Anny Ansellin, Alexander Mischenko, Tibor Szep, Martin Flade, Loranzo Fornasari, Przemek Chylarecki, Ward Hagemeijer, Juha Tiainen, David Noble (Observer BTO), Gerard Boere (ExCo Advisor), Des Callaghan (Observer BirdLife International), Ruud Foppen (Observer SOVON)

Special invitations to: Uygar Ozesmi (Erciyes Universitesi, Kayseri, Turkey) & Petr Vorisek (Coordinator: Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring, Prague)

  1. Chairman's welcome & apologies for absence
  2. Minutes of the last meeting of ExCo:
    Royalties from the European Atlas. Action: David Noble to check BTO's view.
    Monies owing to EBCC. Action: Richard Gregory to phone Pam Berry to check on outstanding funds.
    Publishing Atlas information on the web. Action: Des Callaghan to discuss with Martin Sneary.
    Feedback to EOU. Action: Martin Flade to contact organisers of Saxony conference & to volunteer a symposium.
  3. Hungarian Conference 2001.
    Update from Tibor on proceedings etc.
  4. Turkey Conference 2004.
    Action points: David to invite Uygar to spring 2002 ExCo (see agenda item 14). Martin & Tibor to provide checklists of the sorts of thing that conference organisers should consider. Martin & Tibor to provide mailing lists from Cottbus and Hungarian conferences, respectively, and Richard to provide delegates mailing list (see agenda item 6).
  5. Foundation status
    Action: David to amend draft following ExCo's comments and to highlight any outstanding issues which require further discussion. Ward to try to find a friendly advocate to help us pursue this work (see attached paper).
  6. Delegate List
    Action: Richard to circulate delegates letter asap. Subsequently to hand over relevant files to Martin.
  7. Website
    Action: David to register suitable domain name. David to contact Les to see if he is interested in developing EBCC's site.
    Action: over next 2 months all to consider potential new names for the EBCC.
    Action: all to provide information outlined (see attached paper) to David Gibbons. Tibor Szep to present Hungarian monitoring scheme website at next ExCo.
  8. Financial report
    See attached report
  9. Bird Census News
  10. Parnu Conference Proceedings
  11. European Common Bird Monitoring
    Report from Petr Vorisek (see attached paper)
  12. Birds in Europe II
    Report from Des Callaghan (see attached paper)
  13. Monitoring in Africa
  14. Recent Data Requests
  15. A.O.B.
  16. Date and venue of next meeting

R.D. Gregory 20 March 2002


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