Draft agenda 24th EBCC ExCo Meeting in Prague

Draft agenda 24th EBCC ExCo Meeting in Prague 08.30-12.00 on Monday 16th September

ExCo & Observers:
David Gibbons, Richard Gregory (minutes) Anny Ansellin, Tibor Szep, Martin Flade, Loranzo Fornasari, Przemek Chylarecki, Ward Hagemeijer, Juha Tiainen, David Noble (Observer BTO), Gerard Boere (ExCo Advisor), Des Callaghan (Observer BirdLife International), Ruud Foppen (Observer SOVON)

Special invitations to: Uygar Ozesmi (Erciyes Universitesi, Kayseri, Turkey) & Petr Vorisek (Coordinator: Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring, Prague)

Apology received from Alexander Mischenko

  1. Chairman's welcome

  2. Minutes of the last meeting of ExCo on

  3. Delegate List

  4. Financial report

  5. Bird Census News

  6. Foundation status

  7. Website

  8. Relevant developments within ETC, NPB and EEA

  9. Hungarian Conference 2001

  10. Turkey Conference 2004

  11. Parnu Conference Proceedings

  12. Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring

  13. Recent Data Requests

Date and venue of next meeting

R.D. Gregory 12 September 2002


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