Status of common bird monitoring and atlas work in Estonia

Atlas work

Latest atlas

Census period: 1977-1982. Method: Breeding criteria 1-16 in 10 x 10 km squares. No densities estimated. Atlas published in 1993 (Renno 1993).

Previous atlases


Ongoing atlases

From 2004 onwards, breeding criteria 1-16 in 5 x 5 km squares. Observers are asked to estimate breeding densities of less numerous species as well as to map all these observations.


Elts, J. & Kuus, A. 2005. The new Estonian atlas of breeding birds: results of the first study year. Hirundo 18 (1), 34-38.

Contact person

Jaanus Elts, Estonian Ornithological Society, P.O. Box 227, Tartu 50002, Estonia. E-mail:

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