Name of scheme: Monitoring Häufige Brutvögel (Monitoring of common breeding birds)
Organisation: Swiss Ornithological Institute
Status: ongoing
Start: 1999
Number of fieldworkers: 200
Species: 75
Habitats recorded: no
Methods: territory mapping
Selection of plots: systematic
Sustainable support: yes

Reference: Sattler, T., V. Keller, P. Knaus, H. Schmid & B. Volet (2015): The State of Birds in Switzerland. Report 2015. Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach. (in French, in German, in Italian, or in English)

National indicators: Farmland Bird Index, Swiss Bird Index (in German, in English, in Italian, or in French)

Contact: Hans Schmid & Thomas Sattler, Swiss Ornithological Institute, Sempach, CH-6204, Switzerland, e-mail: hans.schmid (at), thomas.sattler (at)

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country: yes


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