Information on generic breeding bird monitoring schemes at the web site updated

In March and April 2014 we have updated all profiles of generic breeding bird monitoring schemes in Europe.

Information on 73 schemes from 39 countries is now available, including a brand new profile of Common Birds Monitoring scheme in Serbia.
Of the 73 schemes, 42 are Common Bird Monitoring Schemes, 8 have been already finished, and 23 are specialised surveys monitoring waterfowl, raptors, rare breeding birds, nightbirds or birds breeding in specific habitats.
Links to new web sites of individual schemes have been updated too as well as publications based on monitoring outputs (downloadable).
Since the focus of PECBMS is common bird monitoring, information on species specific schemes cannot be considered as complete. We will be working within wider EBCC community to make information about non-generic schemes as complete as possible too.
Thanks go to all the coordinators of national schemes who provided update of information!

Alena Klvaňová, on behalf of PECBMS coordination team

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