Report on the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme, June 2017

The report summarizes the activities of the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) between January and June 2017. Thanks to the new grant from the European Commission (project „New Generation European Wild Bird Indicators“), PECBMS core activities could re-start again in 2017. The project, led by RSPB in cooperation with CSO will deliver standard supra-national species trends and indicators and will make them available at the web site.

The web site, which is more than 10 years old, will be improved, results will be presented in open access format and once per project period also published as a data paper. The results will be also promoted via a leaflet too. Modern on-line tool for collection of national TRIM output files and their routine control will be used and a pilot system of collection of data at a site level will be developed. We will explore existing approaches for production of Farmland Bird Indicators at regional (sub-national) level and propose potential approaches to be used in other countries. New Forest Bird Indicator will be developed too, data on species not covered by generic monitoring schemes will be explored, collected and potentially used for this new indicator.

Both indicator initiatives will be discussed with relevant experts, national monitoring coordinators and stakeholders as well, two miniworkshops will be organised for this purpose. The network of cooperating individuals and organisations will be maintained, kept informed and motivated. These will be achieved by regular flow of information, presentations at meeting and conferences, miniworkshops and a meeting at the EBCC conference. All relevant stakeholders incl. DG Envi, EEA and Eurostat will be kept informed as well.

Activities January 2017 – June 2017

Initial meeting with policy people was held in Brussels in March 2017

We met with the representatives from Eurostat, DG Envi, DG Agri, EEA and BirdLife International. The plan of activities for forthcoming 3 years was discussed and approved as well as details of production of publication of new wild bird indicators.

Production of supra-national species’ trends and indices and wild bird indicators

We started to collate new national data for next update of European species indices and indicators in March 2017. Updated European results are expected to be published in September 2017. Besides of the 169 common species for those we annually publish the European trends we will also explore the possibility of including new species.

Maintain and update comprehensive network of cooperating organizations and individuals in Europe

We currently keep 160 contacts from 47 countries or territories on our mailing list, including coordinators of national monitoring schemes, EBCC national delegates and BirdLife partner organisations as well as policy people and decision makers. We provided assistance on methods, computation procedure, indicators etc. to coordinators of monitoring schemes and other co-workers.

New web site and newsletter

We started to work on the upgrade and improvement of the PECBMS web site. We have identified target groups and their requirements and prepared a plan of contents of the website to satisfy each target group. We have made a time plan of further steps to finish the website until the end of the year 2017.

We plan to develop a new electronic newsletter to be produced on behalf of EBCC. So far we proposed a design, which needs to be consulted with EBCC Board. A software tool for production and distribution of the newsletter has been pre-selected. We expect first pilot version of the newsletter to be available in autumn 2017.


We have contributed to the project to support follow-up actions to the mid-term review of the EU biodiversity strategy to 2020 in relation to ariculture. PECBMS team in Prague contributed with two case studies and overal support to the project led by IEEP and BTO. The final report has been approved by the European Commission. We plan to continue working on the data and explore relationship between land management and bird population trends. The national coordinators will be informed once further progress is done.

PECBMS research acitivities are not covered by the new grant, therefore funding remains the issue. Under the lead of Jiri Reif, Charles University Prague, we submitted a grant proposal to the Czech Science Foundation. Other potential funding opportunities will be explored as well.

Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme is a joint initiative of the European Bird Census Council (EBCC) and BirdLife International. Since its beginning in 2002, the PECBMS project has been supported by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB, the BirdLife International Partner in the UK). Since January 2006 the project has been funded by the European Commission as well.



Project manager: Petr Voří¹ek, e-mail:
Project coordinator: Jana ©korpilová, email:

Technical assistant (part time): Alena Klvaňová, email:

Research officer: Anna Gamero, email:

All based at the Czech Society for Ornithology, Na Bělidle 34, CZ-150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic, phone +420 257 212 465.

Project supervisor: Richard Gregory, Head of Species Monitoring and Research, Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, The Lodge, Sandy, Bedfordshire, SG19 2DL, United Kingdom, e-mail:

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