The EBP project to work on real-time by the end of the year

To automate the data flow between the different local online portals and the central EBP database repository is one of the key tasks to be done during 2018 in the framework of the LIFE EBP project.

EBP eal time test viewer

A JSON schema and API solution has been developed to encode and transfer the data and already applied to connect two of the more widespread online systems within the EBP partnership BirdTrack and Ornitho, which provide around 60% of all the project data.

During the next months the implementation of the automated data flow we will be extended to more online systems with the objective of connecting a further 10 online systems or, at least, the equivalent of more than 80% of all data collected by the EBP partnership.

A real-time test viewer is already working with the data from BirdTrack and Ornitho but the aim is to update the EBP viewer in near real-time by end of 2018.

Gabriel Gargallo


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