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This new version of the viewer has been updated with 40 million new bird records collected in 2016 and now shows animated all-year round maps of 105 bird species for a period of seven years, ensuring that the EBP maintains its position as the largest and most dynamic citizen science biodiversity data flow in Europe.

New version of the EBP viewer

All supra-national projects coordinated by EBCC, especially EBBA2, EuroBirdPortal and PECBMS, require binding decisions on the taxonomy and nomenclature employed for the birds. This demands a classification system that is standardized, trustworthy and globally accepted, and is also likely to stand the test of time. Since the publication of the first European bird atlas in 1997, many new insights on species- and higher-level taxonomic relationships have emerged, making a change of the species list necessary. After an information gathering process, the Board had to decide on one of the two classification systems that appeared most transparent and robust in their taxonomic decisions (IOC and BirdLife/HBW).

In January we have published a new leaflet called State of common European breeding birds 2017.

The latest data on European common birds, brought together by the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS), shows a continued decline of European farmland birds. While the common forest birds are more or less stable over the last 10-15 years, the farmland birds show a staggering decline of 55% since 1980.

Common Farmland Bird Indicator, Europe, 2017 update

This report presents an updated population trends and indices of 170 common European bird species for the time period 1980-2015 that have been produced by the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) in 2017. The species trends presented are for long time period (from 1980 onwards until 2015) and for last ten years (2006-2015).
Updated common bird indicators for Europe, EU and their regions for the same time period can be found in a special report.

The Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) presents a set of updated European wild bird indicators for the time period 1980-2015. The indicators are computed for Europe and its regions (West, North, Central & East and South Europe), and EU, New and Old EU states for common farmland, common forest, and all common birds. Both single European and BioGeo regional species habitat classification are used to assess if each bird species belongs to farmland, forest or other indicator.

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