Status of common bird monitoring and atlas work in Latvia


Present schemes

Breeding Bird Monitoring - Transect routes in spring-summer on 4-km long routes that are chosen using systematic-random approach (n = ca 40 active routes) from 2005 to present.

Previous schemes

Farmland Bird Monitoring - point counts in spring-summer in six 100 km2 plots (40 count points located randomly in each of the plots) from 1995 (4 plots; additional 2 plots since 2003) to present.

Common Birds Census - Transect routes in spring-summer from 1983 to 1994. The total length of routes in forest was 55 km, in agricultural landscape (including mosaic landscape - 25 km. The number of routes that could be used for the calculation of bird population indices varied, in different years, from 8 to 15 in forest and from 2 to 8 in agricultural landscape. The majority of the routes were counted by professionals.

Recent publications

Aunins A., Priednieks J. (in press). Recent changes in agricultural landscape and bird populations in Latvia: current impacts of EU agricultural policy and future prospects. In: Proceedings of the 17th International Conference of the EBCC: Bird Numbers 2007 Monitoring for Conservation and Management. Avocetta.

Aunins A. 2009. The new Latvian breeding bird monitoring scheme: sampling design, methods and first results. Bird Census News 22/2: 51 - 62.

Aunins A., Priednieks J. 2008. Ten years of farmland bird monitoring in Latvia: population changes 1995 - 2004. Revista Catalana d´Ornitologia 24: 53 - 64.

Contact person

Ainars Aunins. Latvian Fund for Nature, Dzirnavu iela 73 - 2, Riga, LV-1011, Latvia. E-mail: dubults (at)

Home page

Breeding Bird Monitoring: (in Latvian, English version to be prepared)

Atlas work

Latest atlas

Census period: 2000-2004. Method: Breeding criteria in 5 x 5 km squares. Atlas is being prepared for publication.

Previous atlases

The first breeding bird atlas for Latvia has been conducted in the years 1980 - 1984, using 10x10 km UTM squares.

The data for the European Breeding Bird Atlas (1985 - 1989) were recorded at the same 10x10 km squares as the 1st atlas (1980 - 1984), however, data has not been not published in this scale; data has been summarised to 50x50 km squares for The EBCC Atlas of European Breeding Birds.


Priednieks, J., Strazds M., Strazds A., Petrins A. 1989. The Latvian Breeding Birds Atlas. 1980 - 1984. Zinatne, Riga, 352 pp. (full text in Latvian, Russian and English)

Contact person

Viesturs Kerus, Latvian Ornithological society, P.O. Box 10, LV-1050, Riga, Latvia. Email: viesturs (at)

Home page

Other Current National Surveys

1) Corncrake monitoring scheme (Oskars Keišs, email: grieze (at), since 1989)

2) Monitoring of White Stork nesting success (Mara Janaus, email: ornlab (at)

3) Monitoring of Black Stork nesting success (Maris Strazds, email: mstrazds (at)

4) Wintering Waterbird count (Antra Stipniece, email: antra (at)

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