New issue of Bird Census News 32/1,2

New volume (2019) is ready! It includes five papers and its main theme is monitoring of bird migration.

The BCN are freely available in pdf here

Cover illustration by Evgeny Koblik.

Contents of the issue

Karen Aghababyan et al.: White Storks (Ciconia ciconia L.) in Armenia: research for conservation. Bird Census News 2019, 32/1–2: 3–10. Download PDF

Karen Aghababyan, Gurgen Khanamirian: The State of Bearded Vulture, Gypaetus barbatus in Armenia. Bird Census News 2019, 32/1–2: 11–16. Download PDF 

Gerard Troost, Arjan Boele: — Store, share and compare migration data. Bird Census News 2019, 32/1–2: 17–26. Download PDF

Nils Kjellén: Migration counts at Falsterbo, Sweden. Bird Census News 2019, 32/1–2: 27–37. Download PDF

Aleksi Lehikoinen: Long-term monitoring at the Hanko Bird Observatory. Bird Census News 2019, 32/1–2: 38–44. Download PDF