New issue of the Bird Census News

The Bird Census News 29(1-2) has been just published. This special volume is entirely dedicated to winter land bird monitoring in Europe.

Compared to breeding bird schemes, projects targeting winter land birds have received much less attention so far. Although some schemes have been running for many years and in various countries, there was clearly a need for a good review of former and still running counting programmes.
The idea was initiated by Henning Heldbjerg who also led the developement of a questionnaire sent out to the wide EBCC network which collected info on the winter land bird monitoring schemes in European countries. The output of this questionnaire is summarized in the first article of the issue. Beside this summary, other articles bring information on winter land bird monitoring schemes in Finland, Denmark, Belgium (Flanders), Great Britain, Catalonia and Cyprus, and on winter bird atlas in Spain.

The BCN are freely available in PDF.