New leaflet brings the PECBMS species trends for time period 1980-2015

In January we have published a new leaflet called State of common European breeding birds 2017.

In a concise form it introduces the population trends of 170 common European breeding birds from 28 European countries for the time period 1980-2015. It also shows the three European wild bird indicators for common farmland, common forest and all common species. The leaflet cover photo by Libor Šejna shows the European greenfinches as an example of species which is rather stable on European scale. However the species started to decline in West and East Europe after 2006 also because of the appearance of the infectious disease trichomonosis, which occured mainly in Great Britain and Fennoscandia. By choosing the greenfinch we wanted to highlight the importance of the regional species trends for our understanding of the global state of the species in Europe.


Download the leaflet in pdf here.

During February the leaflet will be distributed as usual among the coordinators of monitoring programmes and other contacts. If you are interested in the printed version, please contact Alena Klvanova (