New PECBMS website

Since the 19th of September 2018 you can visit the brand new website of the PanEuropean Common Bird Monitoring Scheme here:

It summarises up to date information on European common bird monitoring schemes and presents the last update of the European wild bird indicators and species trends and indeces.

The new presentation of the graphs enables to perform the data for several selected species or indicators in one graph to facilitate the comparison. If you wish to check, how are, for example, the European species of tits doing, just order the table by taxonomy, tick all the tits, choose “All data in one graph” and click on “Show” button. You will see all the six species trends in one graph. Guess, which tit species is doing the best and the worst?

Farther, all our publications can be easily found and downloaded as well as the European species indices and trends till 2015 and the latest European and EU indicators.

We tried to make the website user-friendly, comprehensive and up to date.
However, we are aware that the website needs to be improved continuously.

Please, if you have some comments or questions, do not hesitate to let us know!