Trends of common birds in Europe, 2008 update

This report presents an enlarged set of population trends and indices of 135 common bird species in Europe, which have been produced by Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme in 2008. The trends and indices presented in this report cover time period 1980 – 2006, although data back to 60s are available from some European countries.
Updated multi-species indices (indicators) are also published on this web site (see).

Report on the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme, April 2008

This report summarises main activities and achievements since August 2007 to April 2008. The 2007 update of indices and indicators was produced and published on EBCC website and in the report State of Europe’s Common Birds 2007. The indicators were provided to Eurostat for Structural Indicators and Sustainable Development Indicators. New data have been collated and updated outputs are expected in May 2008. PECBMS network was maintained and partners kept informed via web site, personal meetings and visits, advice and assistance provided as well. Communication included also presentations at conferences and contributions to scientific papers.

A Climatic Atlas of European Breeding Birds

A landmark advance in our understanding of the potential impacts of human-induced climate change on wildlife was launched on 15 January 2008. A Climatic Atlas of European Breeding Birds – which maps potential changes in the distribution of all of the continent’s regularly occurring nesting birds based on the EBCC’s atlas of European breeding birds – suggests that we need urgent action to cut greenhouse gas emissions, and redouble our efforts for nature conservation, if we are to avoid potentially calamitous impacts on birds.

Report on the Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme, August 2007

This report summarises main activities and achievements from January 2007 to August 2007. Production and publication of European species trends and indicators was the main task in the first half of 2007. We successfully updated and improved PECBMS’ main output and with improved capacity, new software and dedicated network of national contacts we believe information on population trends of common bird species will be updated regularly on annual basis.

Review on large-scale common bird monitoring schemes in Europe

Several attempts to summarise information on bird surveys in Europe have been made in last few decades, the last one with focus on large-scale breeding population schemes by Vorisek & Marchant (2003). Updates of these surveys of surveys proofed to be very useful tool for assessment of current status of bird monitoring, identification gaps and areas for further development. Overview of bird monitoring schemes is also a useful source of information for those who seek to establish a new scheme, improve a current one or just to get more information on bird monitoring in consice form.
Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) found information from such a review extremely useful and it was decided to update information from the previous review and make the information available. Thus, a new review was completed and results are presented in this paper.