Name of scheme: Monitoring der Brutvögel Österreichs
Organisation: BirdLife Austria
Status: ongoing
Start: 1998
Number of fieldworkers: 160
Species: ca. 85
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: point counts
Selection of plots: free choice
Sustainable support: in part
Reference: Teufelbauer, N. & J. Frühauf (2010): Developing a national Farmland Bird Index for Austria. In: Anselin, A. (ed.): Bird Numbers 2010. Monitoring, indicators and targets. Proceedings the 18th Conference of the European Bird Census Council, Cáceres, Spain (partim). Bird Census News 23/1-2: 87-97
Teufelbauer, N. (2010): The Farmland Bird Index for Austria - first results of the changes in populations of common birds of farmed land. Egretta 51: 35-50.
National indicators: Farmland Bird Index

Contact: Norbert Teufelbauer, BirdLife Austria, Museumplatz 1/10/8, A-1070 Wien, Austria, e-mail: norbert.teufelbauer (at)

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country: yes


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