Name of scheme: Πρόγραμμα Παρακολούθησης Κοινών Πουλιών - Common Birds Monitoring Scheme
Organisation: BirdLife Cyprus
Status: ongoing
Start: 2006
Number of fieldworkers: 18
Species: 45
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: line transect
Sustainable support: no

Contact: Christina Ieronymidou, BirdLife Cyprus, P.O. Box 12026, Nicosia 2090, Cyprus, e-mail: Christina.ieronymidou (at)

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country: yes, data used for Farmland Bird Index

Name of scheme: Western Cyprus Common Bird Census
Organisation: BirdLife Cyprus
Status: finished, joined the general census Common Birds Monitoring Scheme
Start: 2003
Number of fieldworkers: 4
Species: 40
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: line transect
Selection of plots: stratified semi-random
Sustainable support: no

Contact: Derek Pomeroy, c/o Environmental Studies Centre, Box 79, Kritou Terra, Paphos 8724, Cyprus, e-mail: derek (at)


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