Name of scheme: Point Count Project
Organisation: Estonian Ornithological Society (EOS)
Status: ongoing
Start: 1983
Number of fieldworkers: 50
Species: 90
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: point counts
Selection of plots: free choice
Sustainable support: basic
Reference: Kuresoo, A., Pehlak, H. & Nellis, R. 2011. Population trends of common birds in Estonia in 1983–2010. Estonian Journal of Ecology, 60(2): 88–110.
Leito, A. and Kuresoo, A. (2004): Preliminary results of a national bird monitoring programme in Estonia. In: Anselin, A (ed.) Bird Numbers 1995, Proceedings of the International Conference and 13th meeting of the EBCC, Pärnu, Estonia. Bird Census News 13 (2000): 81-86.
National indicators: Farmland Bird Index

Contact: Renno Nellis, P.O. Box 227, 50002 Tartu, Estonia, e-mail: renno.nellis (at)

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country: yes


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