Name of scheme: Common Bird Monitoring

Organisation: natur&ėmwelt.asbl
Status: ongoing
Start: March 2009
Number of fieldworkers: 25
Species recorded: all
Habitats recorded: not during the fieldwork, but the territories' locations can be linked to habitats via GIS

Methods: line transect and territory mapping
Selection of plots: stratified random

Contact: Mikis Bastian, Centrale Ornithologique, natur&ėmwelt asbl (BirdLife Luxembourg), Kockelscheuer, L-1899, Luxembourg, e-mail: col (at)

Name of scheme: Monitoring of Breeding Birds
Organisation: LNVL
Status: finished
Start/end: 2002/2003
Number of fieldworkers: 6
Species: 60
Habitats recorded: yes
Methods: point counts and territory mapping

Contact: Patric Lorgé and Gilles Biver, Centrale Ornithologique LNVL, Lėtzebuerger Natur- a Vulleschutzliga (BirdLife Luxembourg), Kockelscheuer, L-1899, Luxembourg, e-mail:,

Indicators produced are used as official indicators in the country:The Ministry of Environment uses the results for the national biodiversity monitoring scheme.


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