Turkish enthusiastic ornithologists met EBCC representatives in İstanbul. Together they made important step towards Turkish breeding bird atlas.

Members of the EBBC Board and Atlas Steering Committee gathered in Istanbul in March 2014, just at the onset of a breeding season. They met 20 members of the İstanbul Kuş Gözlem Topluluğu (İstanbul Birdwatching Club). Together they did pilot survey for the breeding bird atlas in Turkey (see short video). After two days of fieldwork, representatives of institutions and individuals interested in developing the atlas in Turkey futher, met in Istanbul and discussed how to make it happen.

Mixed teams (EBBC Board representative & Turkish birdwatchers) performed standardised atlas surveys as well as contributed by opportunistic observations. Lessons learned will be used for further development of the Turkish breeding bird atlas.

Participants discussed details of methods and logistics with assistance of EBCC experts. Among others, positive experience from Russia, presented by Mikhail Kalyakin, was appreciated as inspiring and motivating at the meeting on Turkish atlas.

Participants of the meeting on the Turkish bird atlas.

Postitive outcomes of the meeting and the fieldwork excercise make us convinced the Turkey will contribute with good quality data to the EBBA2 and will produce its first breeding bird atlas.

Kerem Boyla (left) talking to Verena Keller (chair of the EBCC Atlas Steering Committee) and Ruud Foppen (chair of the EBCC Board).

Special thanks go to Kerem Ali Boyla, who organised both events and plays crucial role in further development of breeding bird atlas in Turkey.

Petr Voříšek