EBCC conferences

Every three to four years, EBCC holds an international conference. In recent years, these have been held in the Netherlands (1992), Estonia (1995), Germany (1998), Hungary (2001), Turkey (2004), Italy (2007), Spain (2010), Romania (2013) and Germany (2016). The last EBCC conference was held on 8 -13 April 2019, at the University of Évora, Portugal.

These meetings attract one to two hundred delegates from a wide range of European and other countries. Many of those who attend are involved in bird monitoring or atlassing, either as professionals or volunteers. However, we are equally keen to attract those who use such information, for example conservation practitioners and those developing environmental policy.

The conferences are always very friendly affairs, and we endeavour to ensure that the local cuisine, culture and bird life are studied as thoroughly as the conference topics. Proceedings of each conference are published, either as a special volume of a journal or as a stand-alone publication.

EBCC itself does not run these conferences; rather relevant national organisations volunteer to host them on EBCC´s behalf. The EBCC is always looking for individuals or organisations to host its future conferences. If you would be willing to host one in the future, please contact one of the EBCC Board members.

Occasionally, EBCC holds workshops on particular topics. These took place in Italy in 1996, in 2002, 2005 and 2009 in Prague, in 2012 and 2015 in Mikulov (Czech Republic), 2019 in Solsona (Spain) and in 2019 in Évora (Spain) during Bird Numbers Conference. The workshops regarded Pan-European Common Bird Monitoring Scheme or EBBA 2.