How to get involved

Host a conference

The EBCC itself does not run any conferences; rather relevant national organisations volunteer to host them on EBCC’s behalf. The EBCC is always looking for individuals or organisations to host its future conferences. If you would be willing to host one in the future, please
contact one of the EBCC Board members.

Contact your delegate

To find out more about bird monitoring and atlas work in your country, contact your delegates

Becoming an EBCC Delegate

The running of the EBCC is overseen by the EBCC Board that is elected by EBCC national delegates, with two delegates per country. The EBCC is often looking for new country delegates to become actively involved in its work.

Publish in BCN

Make a donation to EBCC

The EBCC is not a wealthy organisation, and relies on income from provision of data, small research contracts, Bird Census News subscriptions
and royalties from publications. Donations from individuals or organisations to support the work of EBCC are always gratefully received. Should you wish
to make such a donation, please contact the EBCC Treasurer