Board and ExCo meetings

Board and ExCo meetings

In order to constantly improve collaboration within the EBCC network, to strengthen the contact with all national delegates, and to clarify their role within EBCC, the delegates should regularly be provided with topical information. Among other things, this may include updates on EBCC contacts, general information on EBCC work and a “things to do as a delegate” list. Short captions of these points can already be found on this webpage. What was lacking so far was an overview of the activities of the Board and the topics currently under discussion in EBCC Board meetings. The posting of the EBCC Board minutes will close this gap and hopefully provide a thorough insight into EBCC’s work and profile.

Chairman´s report

Report for September 2016 – April 2019

Report for September 2013 – September 2016

Annual General Meetings (previously called Board Meetings)

Agendas of Board Meetings (previously called ExCo Meetings)