What is the European Bird Census Council (EBCC)?

The EBCC is an association under Dutch Law of like-minded expert ornithologists co-operating in a range of ways to improve bird monitoring and atlas work and thereby inform and improve the management and conservation of birds populations in Europe.

The aims of EBCC are to:

  • Bring together ornithologists who are interested in the study of distribution, numbers and demography of European birds
  • Encourage monitoring of bird populations and their distributions aimed at better conservation and management of bird populations.
  • Promote monitoring that is rigorously planned with clear objectives.
  • To monitor distribution, numbers and demography so that changes may be detected, and if possible, understood and the relevant agencies provided with sound information to base conservation and management actions
  • Promote the development of indicators of the changing ability of European landscapes to support wildlife.
  • Encourage communication and collaboration between organisations, institutions and individuals interested in monitoring bird populations and their distribution
  • Promote exchange of news, ideas and expertise through its journal (Bird Census News) and through its programme of conferences and workshops.
  • Host major international conferences on a 3 to 4-year cycle across Europe with published proceedings.
  • Work closely with international ornithological and conservation organisations, and encourage links between ornithologists, land managers and policy makers.
  • Encourage and create specialist working groups to tackle relevant topics
  • Run major international projects such as the European atlases and monitoring schemes